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About us

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

What we do

Care for Your Health

You are living your best life when you feel good about yourself. Our treatments lasts for years and are a great way to restore confidence and self esteem in those with alopecia, hair loss, chemotherapy patients and more.

Clinically Proven

Permanent make-up is great for both males and females who wish to improve their appearance but also great for those with allergies to traditional make-up, physical limitations and those that wear glasses. It can treat scars and restore pigmentation.

Mission Statement

To Provide the best care and products to our clients and students as we want you to look and be the very best you! Through creativity, professionalism and education, The Bar Aesthetics will always strive to deliver exceptional customer service as we value and guarantee our commitment to our clients and our community.

Our Team

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

Chakay Smith, Owner of The Bar Aesthetics | Licensed Cosmetologist & SMP Specialist

Chakay Smith, a licensed Cosmologist returned to her journey in the beauty business in 2013 as a Lash Artist. She became a PMU Artist in 2016 which led her to the SMP industry in 2018 and one of the first African American female SMP Artist here in the Bay Area.

Chakay was born and raised in Richmond, Ca. She is a retired Police Officer, former restaurant and hair salon owner.

Chakay is passion driven and has always been determined to make a positive difference in other’s lives. As an SMP Artist she knows she can do just that! She continues to be a forever student of the game and her goal is to keep the SMP industry solid. Chakay is now an SMP Educator. Her goal is to not only train students, but to make sure they have and understand all the tools they need to succeed, mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Chakay is now The First Lady of Gerow Hair Ink! She joined the Pioneers of SMP early 2023 as Gerow was making moves to expand to the West Coast. Chakay and the Gerow Team will open a Gerow clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area July 2023. This will be in conjunction with Chakay’s other business, The Bar Aesthetics Micropigmentation, founded in 2018, where she provides Esthetician and PMU Services!

Chakay will continue to do her part by moving the industry forward with passion, service, humility and knowledge!

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

Gillian Adriano "Healing Beauty Bar" | RN, BSN, NC Aesthetic Nurse & Trainer

Gillian is a Board Certified Integrative Wellness Nurse with a focus on health promotion and beauty. She has been a Registered Nurse since 2007 practicing in post surgical and procedural nursing. In 2019 she founded the concept of her passion project, Healing Beauty Bar, when she was inspired to merge her love for nursing and newfound interest in clean beauty.

Healing Beauty Bar creates a serene, unique space for those who value a holistic way of living so that they achieve beauty both externally and internally in the form of esteem, confidence, and love for self.

Gillian offers aesthetic and wellness treatments and services including Microchanneling (Gillian’s alternative to Botox), HydraFacials, Lymphatic Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Hair Regrowth/Scalp Health, Hemp Wellness, Customized Skin Care, and Private Health Coaching.

“I felt there was a lack of offering for those that wanted more natural cosmetic treatment alternatives so I embarked on this journey to pave that path. I believe in deep beauty and that beauty is holistic. My mission is to support the long-term health and beauty of my clients by offering services that keep their health at top of mind. Through my passion project, Healing Beauty Bar, I aim to be impactful in the lives I touch by empowering them with confidence and transformation whilst preserving their natural beauty.”

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

Micaela Mouton "Mea Beauty" | Licensed Aesthetician, PMU & Lash Artist

Esthetician, Micaela Mouton, “Mica” (me.ka) for short, loves to use her talents & passions to help people feel & look their very best. In 2014, she created Mea Beauty. “Mea” is the Latin word for my, belonging to me. Mica wanted to give her clients a comfortable and cozy beauty space where you can spend that much needed “me time”.

While earning her degree in Fine Arts -Painting/Drawing, Mica started working in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist in 2007. She uses her Art and Beauty background, to provide services such as Bridal Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, and Permanent Makeup. Check out her Youtube Beauty Vlog with over 20K subscribers!

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

Aamira Dean "Naturally Aamira" | Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Specialist

Naturally Aamira is an Aesthetics business specializing in beautification, skincare, & wellness practices.
Aamira is a licensed aesthetician with experience in the beauty and medical aesthetics. Her area of expertise include skin correcting, skin tightening, anti-aging treatments, men, women, & teen skincare. All are techniques that are non-invasive that yield the most excellent results.
Aamira specializes in hyperpigmentation and restorative treatments that will leave your skin feeling naturally healthy, radiant and hydrated. Whether you want to unwind and relax with a customized facial or receive medical-grade treatments such as micro-current or chemical peels.
Aamira is passionate about serving you to her fullest capacity! She looks to use her many skills, techniques and talents to not only do what is best for your skin but also to ensure you feel appreciated for being who you are and the beauty that you possess. Your time with her will encompass ultimate relaxation, personally designed treatment plans and profound results that are driven by a desire to serve and connect with you.
Aamira has a desire not to simply give facials, waxes and consultations, but rather a desire to add vibrance to your aesthetic look. She works and enhances the outside appearance to strengthen and give more confidence to what lies within. Empowering each and every client that comes her way to continue to choose services that speak to their natural beauty. By applying this very concept and method of thinking is how she became comfortable in herself, in her natural state. Bringing forth what is known to you now as….Naturally Aamira. You won’t find another aesthetician who is more passionate or involved about your personal aesthetic journey. This is a business built on passion. A passion for wellness, to see others thrive, to give people the opportunity to feel confident in their skin.
“Confidence is key and feeling confident is easier when you have radiant, glowing skin. At Naturally Aamira, I will work to give you the skin that you’ve always wanted. I am here as your experienced Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist waiting to service you.”

The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area

Sydney Robinson | Licensed Aesthetician & Lash Artist

Hello Lash Babes,

My name is Sydney Robinson or you may know me as “Freckles”. I am a licensed aesthetician and have been lashing for the past 3 years. I lost my mother 2 years ago which has pushed to me to reach for my dreams in the beauty industry. I am passionate about my work, I love what I do. I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. This passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills to provide the best service to my clients.

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The Bar Aesthetics | Micropigmentation in San Francisco Bay Area